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  RANI - Art in Extasy

Informatioan about Meditative and life-affirming art by Rani B. Knobel.
Paintings and objects mirroring the beauty of existence.

   The beauty of nature, its ecstatic way of dancing suchness presents ever new motives to me.
   My paintings are an invitation to step into the space where dance and silencence meet.
   Rani studied sculpturing and psychology, and visited India for the frist time in 1980 and since then she was there for
   many long stays.
   Between 1991 and 2000 she participated in intensive training and collaboration with Meera Hashimoto, a Japanese
   painter. Since 1995 she exhibited in and around Munich, and also participated in community shows in Madeira, Italy,
   France, Ibiza and India.

Here you see some of my art works - enjoy looking at them!



Paintings from Ibiza - painted in the strong Mediterranean light they celebrate the joy of being alive.


title: Flowers of Bliss 1 - 2004

Acrylic and Ink on canvas - 50 x 50 cm



Oceanic Dance

title: Allegria 3 - 2005

Acrylic and Ink on canvas - 50 x 60 cm




   Abstract Meditation

   Dancing with the colours,
   going from light to dark and back again
   embracing life in its totallity.

Saying YES to the abundance of existence.



title: Breakthrough - 1999

Acrylic and Ink on handmade paper - 140 x 100 cm



   Small Size - Big Beauty

   Paintings from Ibiza - painted in the strong mediterreanen light, these  
   paintings mirroring the joy of beeing alive.
   Meditative Art, which aims to the core of things via abstraction.

title: Small Size / Big Beauty 4 - 2005

Acryl & Ink on Canvas - 13 x 13 cm



   Calligraphy of Ecstasy

   Dancing with Colours and Energy
   Pure Joy


title: Big Red Flower - 2000

Mischtechnik auf Papier - 70 x 55 cm




   Impressions of the jungle

   For many years I spend the winters in India,
   the strong light, colours, tropical nature
experience of meditation - every moment has its 
   own magic, living in a silent dance and
ecstasy -
   All this is
reflected in my paintings.

title: Masters Garden - 1999

Acryl und Tinten auf Büttenpapier - 140 x 100 cm




   Looking with fresh eyes,
   putting materials in new contexts -
   surprising new interpretations of reality.

   Girls gift - Tocado

ç title: Bemaltes Schränkchen - 2003


Are you touched by my art work,
Do you want to learn more about me and my art,
next exhibitions?

Rani B. Knobel


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